At the fair Automechanika in Frankfurt, September 13.-17., SVJ-Sensors will present VIBRATOOL.

Vibratool is an extended version of SteViSens® 62 with up to 8 sensors. Read more on

Vibratoolis an innovative invention developed and designed specifically to help locate the source of strange noises from the undercarriage of your car. Perhaps you have experienced vibrations, popping sounds, shaking at high speed, clunking sounds from front or rear wheels, or other noises, for which the source can’t be located. With Vibratool, you can quickly solve the problem and save yourself guesswork and hours of labor.

SteViSens was first generation

SteViSens was first generation. The measuring tool is equipped with two acceleration sensors that can measure impact on three levels. This means that you can place SteViSens on the undercarriage of your car, where it attaches with magnets. When a strange sound emanates from under the car, you start SteViSens, and you’ll get a clear signal about where the problem is. It’s a simple and sleek solution to an annoying problem.

Then Vibratoolhit the scene

In spite of SteViSens and its obvious advantages, it has actually become even easier to handle clunking sounds from front and rear wheels, shaking as a result of defects in the driveline, popping sounds, and the car shaking at high speeds since Vibratoolentered the market. We’re not talking about just an enhancement, but also a refined edition of SteViSens.

Vibratoolmeasures 9 x 13 x 2.5 cm and has a touch screen where all the operations take place. There are three inputs – one for power, another for storing memory, and an input where you would attach the included hubs. Depending on your problem, you can attach one to four hubs. This means being able to access data from a total of eight sensors. Thus, Vibratoolexcels in a number of different parameters that all entail getting access to a measuring tool where the data can help you solve your problem quickly.

How Vibratoolworks

Very basically, Vibratoolorks with the same technology as its predecessor. However, the design, the user-friendliness, and not least the fact that it is now faster and easier for you to map out strange noises from the undercarriage of large vehicles, such as busses and trucks, make Vibratoolan indispensable tool when you want a precise clarification of issues of vibration or strange sounds, for which you can’t find the reason otherwise.

You simply place a hub in the cabin, easily connecting it to Vibratoolwith a cable measuring 1.5 meters. Next, you place the two sensors in roughly the same position on each side of the axle. After that, connect them to the hub – green on the right and red on the left. When this is done, go for a drive, after which the hubs and Vibratoolwill register the vibrations that occur.

The sensor cables are available in standard lengths of 3, 6, 15, and 25 meters.

Vibratoolis so ingenious that it can record retroactively. This means that you can set it to record when you feel vibrations from the undercarriage or hear clunking, popping, or other strange sounds, you would like to eliminate. Then Vibratoolsaves the data created based on the strange sounds, and you can take your time and study the results on your computer when you get home.

You can connect several sensors at once

With Vibratool, you now have the option of connecting several sensors at once. This means that you can place sensors on several axles simultaneously. This is a huge advantage, both when examining a regular sedan, but even more so in the case of a semi-truck, for example. It is simply the ultimate solution when you need quick and easy access to uncover a problem emanating from the undercarriage of the vehicle.

You can easily record and transfer data to your PC with datalogging

As mentioned previously, one of the big advantages of Vibratoolis the ability to transfer data from the measuring tool to your PC. When you ask Vibratoolto record retroactively, you can insert a bookmark as well. That way, you can discover the origin of the vibrations or the clunking sound quickly and easily. This is because the sensor located most closely to the source of the problem will react most strongly.

Is it hard to use the measuring tool?

Vibratoolis very user-friendly. The large LED touch screen is very easy to operate, and since the actual attachment of the sensors to the axles of the car is done with small, powerful magnets, you don’t need to use tools. As already mentioned, all you must do afterwards is transfer the saved data to a PC, where you can study the results, thereby locating the source of the strange noises from the undercarriage.

Vibratoolis suitable for all vehicles and is absolutely indispensable when you need to locate the source of a strange sound from the undercarriage.