Read more about the program in the user manual, found in the menu DOWNLOAD

SteViSens® 62 collects data from each of the six axes 5,000 times per second.
Data are stored in the internal memory, for later output to an USB-stick.

When an USB-stick is inserted, data-collection and displaying of data in the LED bargraph stops temporarily, and data collected within the last 10 seconds
are stored on the USB-stick. 
This phase is indicated by only the top left-side red LED is turned ON.

When storing data is completed, SteViSens® 62 returns to normal display mode.
You can now remove the USB-stick.

For a second data dump just insert the USB-stick again.
The first data dump are stored in a folder named '1', the second in folder '2', etc.
Maximum numbers of folders are 99.

It is recommended to delete datafiles on the USB-stick after each session, to avoid mixing data from two different vehicles.

PC program for analyzing data.

The program offers a myriad of opportunities to analyze the collected data.
Data from the two sensors can be displayed together in a picture or for each sensor.

There can be zoomed in and out, each of the 6 axis can be turned ON/OFF.
For each sensor values ​​from the three axes can be summed and displayed as a single result,
just like the LED bargraph during test drive.

Filters may be inserted to remove unwanted high frequencies, and display an spectral distribution of frequencies in the Measurement.

All this in order to better determine the cause of the vibration.